Ep 1: Meetings and Meddlings


In this episode, we take a tour of the Windy Sooth in the world of Cinos, and get to meet a few of the locals. But something strange is on the horizon.... Quest at the Dinner Table is a live action Pathfinder role playing podcast set in a homebrew world by Game Master, Christine Alexander. To learn more go to www.questatthedinnertable.com or visit us at our facebook page!


Characters/played by:

Chukunga munga milika bilika bilabong chup chup chup, an Undine Hunter - Julian

Bartholomew Brigand, a Halfling Bard- Zephyr

Sean Seileach, a Half Elf Druid- Stephen

Windy, an Elven Cleric - Erica

Tsuka, a Half Elf Paladin - Scott